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DrupalCon Munich 2012


Time was come to participate in yet another DrupalCon (my 5th.). The main conference about my favorite content management framework Drupal. As in all previous years also this DrupalCon had grown bigger and hopefully better (conclusion later). This year the destination was Munich, Germany. My first real visit to this fine city, hopefully not the last.

New job / New Agenda

This year my participation @DrupalCon was slightly different. Since last time I have change job and returned to the role as developer. Every one of my previous DrupalCons have been as a business owner, project manager and manager. So this year my focus was to be very different as I’m have returned to the command line and code editor head on.

You might not know what this new position is, so here is a bit of insight. I used to be partner and manager of first Verk Copenhagen & Sarajevo then NodeOne Denmark (Now WunderKraut Denmark). Over the years this involved less code and more administration/meetings and on top more time away from the family. So when the opurtunity to work with Drupal closer to where I live and with hands on code. I had to grab it. My new work is at the main library in the city of Aarhus. Here I build websites and Drupal distrubutions. Not only for the library, but also for other parts of the municipiality of Aarhus.

I have a lot of catching up to do, even do I have been working with Drupal for years and years my code skills have become a bit rusty. So this year my main focus @DrupalCon was things that had to do with development. Primarly frontend and theme related as my current tasks focus around that and I also want to ease back into the whole development thing.

Meet and Greet

First things first. A huge part of a DrupalCon is everything that happens in the hallways and that is not always planned for. So of course I also wanted to say hello to as many old and new faces as possible. I certainly got that part covered this year, so many old friends, co workers and never seen you before people that I got to say hello to. Hi!

But also 9 new colleguaes that I attended the conference with. Had awesome quality time with my co-workers. New ideas was discussed, some might come through, some might not and some is already forgotten in a breeze of beer.

Thanks to all the awesome people attending DrupalCon, you are what make this conference perfect.

The Venue

Thumbs up for a great venue and catering that will go down as the best one ever! It was just like we imagined it should have been for Copenhagen, but back the tickets was not allowed by the DA to cost enough money to cover the costs.

The Sessions

As always the schedule was jam packed with quality sessions making it hard to choose. I ended up seeing the following:




All in all some very very good sessions that inspired and thought me a lot! I got things I knew conformed, got a new look on things and learned new stuff. What more can one ask for?

Did this DrupalCon fullfill my expectations

It more than did. I learned from sessions, met nice people, talked nerd, went for a run in the streets of Munich, drank beer and had a great time with co-workers. I will return for mor DrupalCon later, see ya in Prague maybe even Portland if I can find the money.

My notes from sessions.

You can download a PDF with my notes taken during sessions. Disclaimer: they are unedited.