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Update github fork from it’s orginal

From time to time I have the need to update a forked github repository from it’s orginal source. This is how I do it.

First you need to add a remote branch to your repository that points to the original repo you forked from.

$ git remote add --track master remotename git://

You will want to replace master with the branch you want to track in the remote repo. In most cases this will be master, although you could replace it with development or any other branch. You should also replace remotename with what your the remote will be called, I tend to use the same as the github user I forked the repro from.

To verify the remote repository was added run

$ git remote

You should see the new remote repo, in this case named remotename, along with any other remote repositories you may have previously added.

Now we can fetch all the changes from remotename’s code base.

$ git fetch remotename

This will create a new remote branch called remotename/master. Now we are ready to merge the code from the remote repository to your local branch.

$ git merge remotename/master

That’s it. Remember, this process isn’t limited only to the original repository. Feel free to add remote branches for other user’s forks or even from repositories outside Github.