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Prague and the European DrupalCon 2013

Sitting at Václav Havel Airport in Prague waiting for the flight home. This was my first visit to Prague and wow what a bueatiful city. I will definetly come back for more at another time.

DrupalCon was also amazing… but first let me blow off the steam, next time let’s have some damn coffee! could some company please sponsor this (Looking at you Acquia). Everything else was perfect though, friendly people, good food, great venue all in all very well organised.

I attended some interesting sessions but also some where I did’nt get that much with me. All in all I think I have to start BOF’ing and Sprinting some more as this is the times I felt I got the most out of it.

What i saw and listend to

* Keynote – Dries
* Drupal 8 ready
* Lab: Your first Drupal 8 module
* BOF: What is content strategy and why should I even care
* Twig and the new theme layer in Drupal 8

* Keynote – Lisa Welchman
* Twig a templating system for web designers
* LAB: Twig it – Ship it

* Keynote – Aral Balkan
* BOF: Konzilo Open Source content collaboration
* Panolopy, building a powerful base distribution

Great and inspiring sessions, bofs and labs. Learned a lot of neat things about the up coming Drupal 8 and the new Twig templating system.
The new lab format is interesting and with some further development and maybe more hands on exercises this format is a winner for future DrupalCons.

What I need to see the recordings of


Friday was sprint day, my first where I was more active. It did prove to be hard to get going, but I blame that on me choosing to jump into some complicated Twig stuff. I should have sticked to the mentor room and gotten everything set up before jumping straight into the complicated issues.

Will do better next time, Rome was not built in a day.

Thank You

Thank you for a great DrupalCon Prague, the keynotes this year were really good and inspiring… The venue and city was welcoming and beautiful. It was fantastic saying hi to everyone.

See you all for DrupalCon Amsterdam in 2014.