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Being a positive leader will make the organization thrive

How do we get the best results and the most success, both personally and as an organization? Happiness play a huge role in how we perform. As a leader you must set the scene and create the framework that will make happiness thrive among your employees. As a leader you must focus on creating a positive work environment where employees blossom and enjoy working.

So how do we do that?

There are lots and lots of ways to create a positive work environment, let me highlight a few important ones that every positive leader should focus on.

Let employees craft their own job

Employees who get to craft their job and effort to their passion and skills will be more engaged in their job. They will bring positive energy to the workplace and be more innovative and playful.

As a positive leader it is  important to let employees have a great influence on their own job function and how it is done. Examples could be things like flexibility in time and place of work, letting employees choose their preferred tools instead of dictating a specific set. Make it easy for employees to adapt and adjust their work flow.

Doing this will balance the work life balance and happiness will increase. All of which can have a huge positive impact on work performance.

Foster and encourage positive interactions

People need positive and high quality interactions with friends and co-workers to become energized and happy. We thrive and become more creative when energized. Employees with energy will do better work and generate more and better ideas.

As a positive leader you must set the stage so that employees can have those small breaks where magic conversations happen. You must make sure employees don’t hide unless they really need to, you must make sure employees can get in touch with each other and can interact with each other. Make sure people can have fun and play games.

It’s not dangerous if people don’t sit at their desk all day. It’s positive to take a break, have a chat and play a game. We must have fun also at work.

People must see the meaning of their work

When people see the meaning of the work they do they are more encouraged to do better and to acquire knowledge about the topic. Therefore as a leader you must make work meaningful. Tell the story, let employees see the impact of their work. And even better, show / don’t tell. Let clients tell about their success.

Cultivate positive ideas

Listen to and encourage employees to share their thoughts and ideas. Foster employee innovation, use and implement employee ideas. Employees are a resource, not a resistance.

Be an ethical person

As a leader it’s important to be a role model. You want to be a positive and good person. Leading is about showing the way and having people looking up to you. Employees should want to follow their leader.

We all appreciate people who are ethical, it generates positivity and happiness. So act nice, respect your colleagues, provide feedback and give full attention. It will have an enormous effect on the positive work environment.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Last but not least I must empathize the importance of communication. As a leader you must communicate all the time. Be visible and let people know what is going on, why it’s going on and what the goal is. Communication is a keystone in being a positive leader and creating a positive work environment.

That was a few of my thought on positive leadership and the art of creating a positive work environment. Please feel free to pitch in with feedback, stories and ideas on what it take to be a positive leader and create a positive work environment.