Rasmus Frey

About the Author, Rasmus Frey

The author behind this blog is Rasmus Frey. I’m an Entrepreneur, Open Source Evangelist and Web Creative. I work as Business Manager for OS2 a member organisation with focus on strengthening and building digital solutions in the public sector using shared resources and open source.
OS2 is the organisational structure delivering the governance and tools for the public sector to work together across municipalities and other government entities.

Throughout the past 15 years I have worked with development, design and specification of websites, web applications and various digital solutions. I have started my own company more than once, the most successful one being the web agency Verk that later became a part of Swedish Node One (Now known as Wunderkraut Sweden).

I have extensive knowledge about managing and developing digital products, business development and management. I’m a strong communicator – a curious and inquisitive researcher with an analytical and structured approach. I have a creative and logical mind. I’m used to closing the gap between different professional competencies, and I’m good at turning ideas into concrete solutions.

I hope you will be inspired by the blog and please contact me if you feel I can either help you or if you have something I could benefit from.

/Rasmus Frey (rasmus@artz.dk)